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Police and Militarty Training
picture  Dogs for Defense Inc. prides itself on bringing exclusive high level training to our police and military personnel. We utilize years of experience gained working canines overseas and the law enforcemnt backgrounds of our staff.  Our training courses and instruction are both designed to be above and beyond basic handler courses. We specialize in courses that can not be found at your local department or offered by other vendors. Large quantity explosives, long explosive set times, Winthrop search methodology and vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) are some of the explosive detection courses offered. Highway interdiction, commercial motor vehicle interdiction, hidden compartments and traps, checkpoint operations, tactical patrol dog are just a portion of the police advanced courses we offer. We will design lessons and courses that are specific for your department or unit.  Our trainers conduct courses in Central Minnesota in conjunction with our facilities or our mobile training teams are available to deploy worldwide.

Companion Animal Training
  We do not believe dogs are wolves, nor do we believe you and your family are a pack of wild wolves. We believe that dogs have been bred as dogs for thousands of years and are the single most diverse species of animal on the planet. Each dog contains hundreds of years of breeding to create its temperament, size, drive and behavior. Each dog is an individual and requires a training plan that will best suite its individuality. We utilize our years of experience to solve the most difficult problems of aggression, fear and disobedience. We currently offer two forms of companion animal training: private in home consultations and our version of reform school. Private training is conducted in your dog’s environment with one on one training by one of our experienced trainers. Our reform school is conducted at our St. Cloud, MN training facility where your dog will be boarded at our kennels and worked with several times a day. We will focus on your dog's problems while continuing a traditional obedience course of instruction to transform your dog into a good citizen and a productive member of your family.