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International Solutions



Whether you represent a government, humanitarian organizations, private companies or other concerns, we are capable of providing a canine solution that is customized to your needs in any theater of operations. Our personnel have developed canine programs in combat zones, trained soldiers, and pursued the enemy along with their canine partners.  Dogs for Defense Inc. is capable of deploying canine teams comprised of highly qualified handlers with certified dogs to all corners of the earth. We are well versed with the U.S. Military’s 190-12 Military Working Dog standards, the Department of Justice National Odor Recognition Test (NORT) and other national and international canine standards. We have a large pool of qualified instructors that can develop and train canine handlers for police and militaries around the world.


International Capabilities:


Sentry Dogs Patrol Dogs
Dual Purpose Dog Teams Single PurposeDetection Dog Teams
Combat Tracker Dogs Article Tracking Dogs
Off Leash Special Search Dogs Mine & UXO Dogs
Police & Military Training Program Development
Program Management BASH Bird Air Strike Hazard